Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Learn the fundamentals of the oldest form of kung fu.
Ear Training Develop perfect pitch.
Introduction to zen practice Learn zazen meditation, control your mind with finesse. Remember to turn on subtitles if you can't understand japanese. Various methods for modding the body and mind.
Lucid Dreaming Wikibook A wealth of non-mystical knowledge on lucid dreaming, the most criminally under-appreciated brain hacking tool.

[Actually, it's a bit crap. I'll replace it later.]


Always use a trusted VPN.
Never forget, you're being watched.

Hack This Site A fun wargame with a broad range of difficulty levels, good for beginners since it tells you what you need to research to pass the levels.
OvertheWire Original SSH wargames plus some rescued from dead sites.
3564020356 The most hard and most interesting one. Whenever you complete a level you get access to more essays, tutorials and tools on hackering.


The Gateless Gate 無門關 A book of zen koans. This is the best translation I've come across.
Finnegans Wake Good Luck.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Neuromancer The quintessential cyberpunk work, bought to you in cool white-on-black courier!
The Library of Babel An interesting short story where the universe is a library that contains every possible book, hosted on a website that actually does it. Seriously, it's a really cool website, read through all the information on it after you've read the story.
Principia Discordia, or, How I Found The Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her The magnum opiate of Malaclypse the Younger wherein is explained absolutely everything that is worth knowing about absolutely anything.


Lainzine A magazine by the users of [deceased, probably]
Phrack The longest running hacker zine, they're the kind of people who still use words like 'phun'.


18 tips for comic book artists A series of blog posts that anyone interested in creating comics or manga should read. Make sure to study all the images!
H+Pedia Learn all about transhumanism.
Psychonaut Wiki Learn all about altered states of consciousness, mostly drug-related. Sometimes fucks up if you block javascript.
The Physics Hypertextbook A WIP textbook that aims to replace commercal textbooks.
Searchlores The site of +Fravia, a master of internet searching and reverse engineering who sadly died in 2009.
Kowloon Walled City A documentary about the walled city of Kowloon.
MIT Opencourseware Free access to every course on the MIT curriculum.